Retaliation Enemy Mine 2

Retaliation: Enemy Mine 2 Enter Enemy Mine 2, where you will manage your whole nation, bringing her to glory and to supremacy over the whole continent. To achieve this, you will need to develop the territory around your cities, create structures and roads, trade goods, train your armies and lead

Rovigo Comics – RetroAcademy

E’ un grande onore per noi collaborare con una realtà come Rovigo Comics nell’ambito dei fumetti, giocattoli e cultura in generale. In questa terza edizione, saremo in collaborazione con Rovigo Comics per l’evento 2016 nella suggestiva cornice del centro storico di Rovigo. Avremo a disposizione le Piazze del Centro Storico

Nordic Game

As the most relevant games industry conference in Europe, we have a lot to offer, including a program filled with the best speakers from the global industry and our own Nordic heroes, access to international exhibitors and 2000+ professionals, world-class hospitality and a host of networking events, such as Pitch

Salone del Libro Torino

“Questa startup presenta il progetto 3D Tune in pensato appositamente per aiutare le persone con disabilità uditive. Attraverso un algoritmo è possibile trasformare un dispositivo (smartphone, tablet, console, desktop) in un virtual hearing aid che consente alle persone di ascoltare meglio, anche senza un apparecchio acustico reale.”

Pi Greco – Rovigo

Un incontro che offre spunti sui possibili punti di incontro tra matematica e medicina, attraverso le nuove tecnologie. Stefano Tamascelli collabora con alcune tra le più rinomate università europee, tra cui Imperial College di Londra, nello sviluppo di progetti di alta innovazione tecnologica nel programma di ricerca europea Horizon2020 .

Children’s Book Fair Bologna

The Bologna Digital Café in the new Bologna Digital Media Hall presents 3 days of talks panels and presentation focussed around the world of Kid’s digital content, publisher services, app developers and research. At the end of each day we will have a new section called “Bright Sparks” where first

Smau 2016 – Padova

New technologies can be highly effective at addressing the emerging needs of an aging population. They also have the potential to improve the quality of life of the disabled and improve their contributions in the workplace. XTeam organises a 3DTI workshop at SMAU 2016, a national business innovation meeting in

New game in production

The Galactic Overlords, the mightiest beings in all galactic dimension, are zooming through the Galaxy at the speed of thought. For thousands of years, stability and peace has been in the Galaxy and no one challenges the Overlords consequences with forced conflicts against newly discovered species. The Overlords reach a

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