Bardagi The Claim for Gold from Gamia Games unboxing and review

“The game ends either on a decided real-time limit, or once a number of rounds have been played. You work out your points from your gold, resource trade-ins, and you receive extra points for controlling most land or amassing most gold. The player with the most glory at the end of the game is the winner. Simple right? With so many things you can do in this game, not so simple!

Bardagi is a bit of a mix in theme between a civ-building game with your tech upgrades you can get, and a war game with area control, with a mix of random trade goods in there. with all the different resources available around the lands, it really does give you a reason to go a Viking and explore.

Each turn bears so many things to think about. Where do you leave your Godi for extra resource gain? Why did you need your Kaupmadur to end 2 spaces from that village instead of 3? Did you need to refill your Berserker on the last action, or was it fine to use his last two discs on the ore deposit? and this only continues as your empire spread grows, leaving you with hard choices, and not enough actions to complete them all, but then that’s part of the challenge and appeal.

I have to admit, it took a good few reads of the rulebook to get this beast figured out, its a big and complex game, and makes Arkham horror look simple….. the rulebook could do with some clearing up, but with enough reads you will get the hang of it, and when you do…… a whole world of adventure will await you planning your own little empire. Since there are so many ways to play and win, it means the levels of strategy can be so wildly different, giving you lots of replay value, and with up to 5 players everyone can be playing so differently you will have to be able to think about how to counter all eventualities.

The components of the game do get special mention, they are lovely….. and the box control is very good, though it does mean its not a quick game to set up, or put away either for that matter.

But is it a good game to play? well…. its not easy to learn, in fact it left Olivia scratching her head for most of it, and me for a lot of it, for our first game, so its certainly complex, but do not give up on it, under those rules, when you have them understood is a very solid game, with good replay value and lovely art and components….. you just need to put the time into getting it running right, but it will reward you!”

Written by: XTeam Software Team

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