Roman Empire

Retaliation: Roman Empire (RRE for short) is the code name of a novel videogame in the Retaliation Series. It combines elements of world economy, civilization expansion, population management, strategic warfare, city building and story telling.
The game follows the actions of a Roman “imperator” (commander), whose story – together with the story of the empire he/she will be building – varies according to fluid gameplay: the player’s choices and actions influence the flow of events and the emergence of a single coherent narrative from many diverse possible ones.
The player will be engaged in a coherent and multi-faceted gameplay, from the management of trade to the handling of diplomatic relationships, from tactical decisions to map exploration, from keeping the populace happy to planning of cities’ development.
The player will not only have to deal with the challenges of running and expanding the empire, but will also be faced at many points with difficult decisions which will shape the course of events.
The game could end up with the total collapse of the empire under corruption, revolt, famine or barbaric invasions. Alternatively (and auspicably) it could end with a united and civilized European continent, where colonies of the great empire she built are freely trading and cooperating in sustained prosperity (as a “pax romana”).
The game will introduce players with several historical situations, woven into the narrative they will create through their gameplay.

Written by: XTeam Software Team

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