Retaliation Enemy Mine Early Access!

Rovigo, Italy 13 April, 2015

Early Access !

Get instant access and start playing, get involved with this game as it
completes development and be the first to play online crossplatform
multiplayer games and climb the leaderboards!

Note: this Early Access contains all offline features (read below) and
will automatically be updated to enable full crossplatform online

Special features you get immediately:
- fog of war
- medium and large maps
- expert AI
- up to 6 playing armies
- team play
- tactical mode
- custom match options

What you'll get later (at no extra cost):
- online crossplatform multiplayer gaming
- your online profile, custom avatar, saved matches
- leaderboard
- design and play your own maps
- in-game forming and breaking of alliances

...and more to come... :)

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