New 3D RealTime Render Engine

Rovigo, Italy 21 October, 2013


Real Time 3D Game Engine was created for commercial game development, and its primary users are still commercial game developers. Because of this, needs to emphasize four areas: power, speed, completeness, and error tolerance. Everyone knows what power and speed are. But completeness and error tolerance deserve some extra commentary.

Completeness means that this engine contains tons of unexciting but essential tools: phisycs, scene building,  scene graph browsing, performance monitoring, animation optimizers, and so forth. These things may not be sexy, and as a result, open-source engines often don't have them. But when you're serious about getting work done, and not just playing, these tools need to be there.


Koso and Piggy - My pig is starving! Flash Demo

Rovigo, Italy 30 December, 2013


The latest Release Candidate of "Koso and Piggy - My pig is starving!" 's demo version is available for play ( Flash )

Free Play At:

This demo contains 35 playable levels, introducing the basic elements :

- Piggy
- movement
- energy
- bonus
- traps ( holes, switchs, poison, bombs )
- obstacles
- bounce
- time

3 difficulty levels:

Easy : no time
Normal : standard time
Hard : time reduced
Currently in development for Android and iOs.
We invite all interested players to participate in our beta testing program, offering up suggestions and spotting bugs in our product please contact us.

Alberto Cristini new web site

Rovigo, Italy 27 December, 2013

new web site for Alberto Cristini coming soon.

Recensione "Il Pane del Mulino" App

Rovigo, Italy 18 December, 2013


"Il pane migliore del mondo" così Riccardo Bacchelli definisce il pane ferrarese nel suo romanzo storico "Il Mulino Sul Po", ambientato nel comune di Ro ( Ferrara ) e nella frazione di Guarda Ferrarese.

Oggi, l'antica tradizione della molinatura a pietra rivive con la ricostruzione del mulino nell'area golenale di Ro.
Il pane "migliore del mondo" ritorna sulle nostre tavole: antiche varietà di grano molinato sulla riscostruzione di un antico mulino, le "coppiette" ferraresi cotte nei forni a legna.

Scopri "Il pane migliore del Mondo" con questa app per Android disponibile su GooglePlay.

In collaborazione con il comune di Ro.

Bubbles Hunter 2 iOS available

Rovigo, Italy 14 December, 2013


We are happy to inform you that Bubbles Hunter 2 is available for iPhone and iPad, requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

You are the new "Bubbles Hunter".
Test your speed and reflexes, hit the bubbles before they get away but look out! The time changes colors.
A colorful game, fun and fast between bubbles and fruits.
4 levels ( easy, normal, hard, hunter ) for increasingly difficult challenges.

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