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Rovigo, Italy 12 February, 2014

L'App "Il Pane del Mulino" realiazzata da XTeam Software Solution in collaborazione con il comune di Ro, è stata recensita sul portale tedesco e valutata 5 / 5.

"Il pane migliore del mondo" così Riccardo Bacchelli definisce il pane ferrarese nel suo romanzo storico "Il Mulino Sul Po", ambientato nel comune di Ro ( Ferrara ) e nella frazione di Guarda Ferrarese.

"Oggi, l'antica tradizione della molinatura a pietra rivive con la ricostruzione del mulino nell'area golenale di Ro.
Il pane "migliore del mondo" ritorna sulle nostre tavole: antiche varietà di grano molinato sulla riscostruzione di un antico mulino, le "coppiette" ferraresi cotte nei forni a legna."

Retaliation "The Path of War" - Review on IndieGraph

Rovigo, Italy 15 October, 2013

"I’m not much into strategy games but I enjoyed this game. Retaliation: Path of War is a turn-based hex strategy game inspired by games like Risk and Chess. Best of all, it is totally free, no strings attached.

The art is simple and colorful but not amazing, but the thing that really brings the battlefield to life is the explosions and the zooming and stuff which makes it feel more dynamic than a simple board game on a screen, although that can be turned off if that turns you off. The music and sound effects are okay, if repetitive. There isn’t really a story to the game but I’m fine with that, and you kind of get to make it up in your head anyway. You can even turn it into a modern military game and make the generic red bad guys Russians if you wanted to pretend that.

The game slowly introduces concepts and while the HUD is pretty intimidating, there is a lot of help available, from in-game tool-tips to a PDF file that comes with it to the website itself. Even without that, you can probably figure out the (actually simple) controls yourself. Basically, you control tanks (the number depends on the level, as do the objectives) and try and defend your flag, destroy your enemy or whatever. The game puts a lot of focus on placement of units and dice rolls, which produces a decent mix of strategy and luck. New elements are slowly introduced and there is a fair amount of missions to take on.

If you run out, the developer is trying to put out a map editor to create maps and mods that you can download and play but that isn’t out yet at the time of writing. Another thing that doesn’t sound like it is planned to be included is multiplayer, which sounds like a missed opportunity.

Retaliation should be fun for an afternoon or two, and really, I think they could have sold it but they were generous enough to make it free so you don’t really have an excuse if you like these types of games, unless you’re not a PC user, although support for other platforms are planned to come out at some point… See you on the battlefield!"

Retaliation "The Path of War" - Review on Programas

Rovigo, Italy 11November, 2013

"Retaliation: Path of War es un juego de guerra para PC, de estrategia de tablero por turnos, en un escenarios creado a base de celdillas hexagonales. Como el Risk, igual estás pensando. Pues sí... pero no.

Porque Retaliation: Path of War está creado justamente para ir más allá de lo que este clásico juego de mesa, y otros similares, te ofrecen: un juego de estrategia por turno, fácil de entender y empezar a jugar, pero en el que puedas desarrollar tus propias tácticas y estrategias sin estar tan limitado por el sistema de juego. Y sin llegar al extremo de los "wargames" más realistas, en los que una partida puede llevar horas, o incluso días.

Y gratis, además, lo que invita a descargar este Retaliation: Path of War para probarlo, sin ningún miedo, y usarlo para lo único que sus creadores buscan: que te diviertas con un juego de estrategia simple, pero completo, ¡y si te llama el género, ya tendrás tiempo de complicar las partidas!"

Retaliation: Path of War ha sido evaluado y comentado por Breixo el día 30/09/2013  4/5


XBox One Development

Rovigo, Italy 15 October, 2013


Begins the development for new Microsoft console XBoX One.

Inizia lo sviluppo per la nuova console Microsoft XBox One con il motore per un'avventura grafica.


XTeam Software Solution - Rovigo - Veneto - Italy

New Strategic Partnership

Rovigo, Italy 14 October, 2013

XTeam Software Solution is pleased to announce a new partnership with Legacy Interactive Inc. for 3d architectural texture.

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