Koso and Piggy - My pig is starving! Available on MochiMedia

Rovigo, Italy 28 February, 2014

Koso and Piggy - My pig is starving! Available on MochiMedia



Retaliation "Path of War" TrenchPlay Review

Rovigo, Italy 26 February, 2014

Retaliation Path of War review on TrenchPlay

"Retaliation: Path of War is a turn-based strategy game in which players have to guide their army, that is made up of different types of units, to victory by confronting rival armed forces. Their battles are played out on a screen divided into hexagons.

The game has very strict rules, similar to those from board games. Two of the most important elements to keep in mind are the placement of your troops and the different types of terrain. There are more than 20 different types of terrain that influence your moves and attack and defense strategies. Their impact can tip the balance of the war in your favor.

Retaliation: Path of War is more similar to board games like Risk or chess than with traditional turn-based strategy games. Lucky for you, the artificial intelligence is so good that it is just as fun as the aforementioned games."



Official Opera Software Developer

Rovigo, Italy 15 February, 2014 


We are pleased to announce that XTeam Software Solution is an official OPERA SOFTWARE developer.

In coming months will be ported and developed to a few titles including:

Retaliation Path of War

Koso and Piggy - My pig is starving!

Bubbles Hunter 2 OUYA Review

Rovigo, Italy 11 February, 2014

translated by Google.

"XTeam Software Solution released arcade Bubbles Hunter 2 for Ouya. The second part of the game offers the same gameplay as the original .

In arcade users testing reflexes and reaction. Players must click on during the bubbles when they appear on the display. Balls requires color to combine with different types of food : grapes , strawberries and watermelons. For example , you must first click on the red ball , and then on the strawberries. Users can select multiple fields in a single color in a row to earn points increase .

Over time, the bubbles change their color . Each incorrect combination gradually deprives gamers life. Scale health can be found on the left. Right shows points earned . Bubbles Hunter sequel lets you play on four levels of difficulty. Game colorful and simple decorations. Gamers combine objects in the sky against a background of clouds.

Bubbles Hunter 2 previously released for Android and iOS devices. On all platforms, the game is free.


Koso and Piggy - My pig is starving! Complete

Rovigo, Italy 8 February, 2014

We are pleased to announce that "Koso and Piggy. My pig is starving! is complete.Flash and Android version are complete and tested.
Will soon be released.

90 levels
2 enemies ( Wolf and Little Dragon )
40 Objects
20 Traps
over 250 animations frames
over 25 animations
4 musics

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