Retaliation Enemy Mine new templates

Rovigo, Italy 22 January, 2015

We are pleased to inform you that Retaliation Enemy Mine now contains over 120 map templates!
- 52 small template maps ( for 2-4 players ).
- 44 medium template maps ( for 4 - 6 players ).
- 36 large template maps ( for 6 - 8 players )

Each map can be generated with different tiles, through the internal terraforming generator engine that converts various template maps with various tiles and facilities to propose new challenges and different strategies.

A small template maps can generate over 2500 different maps.

Also the start position of the units is calculated in a different way in each game.


Retaliation Board Game prototype

Rovigo, Italy 19 January, 2015


We are pleased to announce first Retaliation board game prototype

Retaliation Path of War NewGrounds Review

Rovigo, Italy 02 January, 2015


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars   January 2, 2015

"It's one of the best strategy turn based, hex games on a site but it's like a endless tutorial and can be much better if fixed a bit more and add stuff like infantry and other stuff, but its still a fun game with lots of variables that make it a true strategy game."  Vernichter101

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