Retaliation Enemy Mine Steam Greenlight

Rovigo, Italy 07 February, 2015


Welcome to Retaliation: Enemy Mine; the latest installment in the Retaliation series. Retaliation is a video game series based on an original board game, designed to offer challenging tactical and strategic reasoning in a fast, easy and funny format. The game is easy to learn, but hard to master, making it suitable for both casual players and wintered strategists.

The game is played in a turn-based format on a hexagonal playing field, in both single player (against a kick-ass AI) or multiplayer (up to 6 players).

The game is still in full development! But in the meanwhile we’re already trying to get out game greenlit on Steam. This means you can vote for the game to be available on Steam. It would help us tremendously if you checked out our Greenlight page and voted for us!

Master Food coming soon

 Rovigo, Italy 06 February, 2015


Master Food, allinea gli ingredienti e libera gli chef!

Il nuovo gioco ad allineamento che ti sfida a liberare gli chef in poche mosse e conquistare nuove cucine. Ad ogni livello, nuove sfide. Scopri cosa può succedere ai cuochi, salvali nel minor numero di mosse possibili e passa al livello successivo.



Beng Puzzle iOs available


Rovigo, Italy 27 January, 2015

Beng Puzzle Game available for iOs ( iPhone and iPad ).

Beng is the organizer of a special event, “The BENG Puzzle Tournament” with a grand prize. Only the one with the fastest reflexes will have a chance in a tetris like format, where you must align 3 or more balls of the same color. This will cause an explosion, which will cause havoc to your opponent and point bonus. Gain extra bonuses by exploding the balls with bonus on them. Choose from 13 characters to compete, you vs the computer. Each character has her own special skills ( attack, defense, speed, experience )

Beng Rovigo Volley 14-15 nuovo update

Rovigo, Italy 02 February, 2015


Nuovo update disponibile per l'APP Beng Rovigo Volley 2014-15

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Nuovo gioco Riabilitativo per bambini

Rovigo, Italy 23 January, 2015

XTeam Software Solutions srls è lieta di annunciare lo sviluppo di un nuovo gioco riabilitativo per bambini con ispirazione ai classici giochi Nintendo Wii.

Questi nuovi videogame potranno essere utilizzati con dispositivi interattivi quali la balance board.

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