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Rovigo, Italy 04 October, 2014

I was looking through Google Play for some fun war games for Alex, my 7-year-old nephew, and came across Retaliation Path of War. As I am not really a passionate gamer, I wasn’t quite sure if he would enjoy it. I quickly took a glimpse at the reviews, and found the game to be something he’s likely to be interested in.

I downloaded the app right away, as it was FREE, and to my surprise took an instant liking to it myself! The gameplay is very easy to learn and is perfect for first-time war game players like me. There are 20 different terrain types that keep me looking out continuously for the unexpected.

There is this special feature where the app waits for you to retaliate or initiate the fight. This is very unlike the few war games I played in my days, where you get shot down even before you know it! Retaliation Path of War kind of gives me a heads up.

Wishing I could use some more armed forces, I looked through the features and found that there were clubbing and splitting options for the forces. It was really cool as it made me feel like an army general!

Additionally, there was strategy planning, and an option to simultaneously handle tasks by splitting your troops on either side of the battlefield. There are options where you could even strike back when you are dead, which is something kids will like. (Though this does not happen in real life, the game cuts you some slack and allows you to fight back one last time.)

There are additional features like reinforcements, for every territory that you win (though the richer ones are harder to get). And the most exciting part is that you get to expand your terrain by making adjustments on your map. I don’t think there’s anymore you could ask for. Oh, I sound so excited!!! Try Retaliation Path of War; I had fun and you would too. Can’t wait to show Alex. Cheers!!

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