EuroVR 2015 – Lecco

We are pleased to announce the yearly EuroVR conference.

This year event is the 12th edition of a series started with the INTUITION European Network conferences (Athens 2004, Paris 2005, Stuttgart 2006, Athens 2007, Torino 2008) and followed by the Joint Virtual Reality Conference (Lyon 2009, Stuttgart 2010, Nottingham 2011, Madrid 2012, Paris 2013, Bremen 2014).

The focus of EuroVR is on novel VR and AR technologies, including software systems, display technology, interaction devices, and applications.
EuroVR is not only a conference for presenting and publishing applied research, but also a platform for exchange between researchers, technology providers, and end users around commercial or research applications and an opportunity to create collaboration among technicians and users, developers and industrials, knowledge and technology suppliers. Besides papers on new results, there will be industry-oriented presentations (automotive, medical, aeronautic, space, etc.) creating a unique opportunity to see, discuss, and share the latest innovations and developments.
EuroVR gives also a unique opportunity for vendors and laboratories to exhibit their latest innovations and demos in the exhibition area. We welcome industrial and academic exhibitors, as well as sponsors. Sponsoring and exhibition can be combined.
The conference will take place at the Politecnico di Milano – CNR campus in Lecco (I).

EuroVR 2015 seeks original, high-quality contributions in all areas related, but not necessarily restricted to:

Novel devices (both input and output) for VR, AR, MR, and haptics
VR system architectures
Collaborative and distributed VR
Augmented reality and mobile devices
Novel ways for applying VR/AR/MR, etc.
Perception and human factors
Multi-modal and 3D interaction
Presence, cognition, and embodiment in VR/AR/MR
Haptics, audio, and other non-visual modalities
Cyber sickness and other issues
Tracking, sensing, and processing sensor data
Tele-operation, tele-immersion, tele-presence
Novel data flow architectures
Cost effectiveness and cost efficiency
Serious games and edutainment using VR/AR/MR
Applications in manufacturing and engineering, aerospace, logistics, construction and architecture, medical and rehabilitation, training and education, cultural heritage, food manufacturing etc.

Special Sessions will be organized for the following domains: Food, Health and Wellbeing, Manufacturing Haptic.

Written by: XTeam Software Team

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