It’s time for Retaliation. The Enemy is Mine


Today marks Steamified’s third highlight game in XTeam Software Solutions’ Retaliation: Enemy Mine which has been given strategic support by Forgotten Empires LLC. You should recognize Forgotten Empires LLC from their work with Age of Empires II HD and Age of Mythology Extended Edition. On the other hand this marks the Steam debut for the XTeam Software development team but to suggest that they are new would be inaccurate. They have been on the game and software development team for a quarter of a century and have worked with companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Atari and many more.

Before you are able to play Retaliation: Enemy Mine you must register an account on their website. Thankfully it advises of this when you first launch the game and the process is very straight forward and only takes a moment of your time. This is worth noting because there are some players who do not like games that require you to register Some don’t like games that require you register to things beyond Steam.

Retaliation: Enemy Mine is a turn-based strategy game played across a board. I’ve always been a little cautious or pessimistic of video games that have taken the form of board games that aren’t card games (e.g. Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, etc.). I don’t think many of them can replicate the feeling, the sensation and the vibe that playing a board game in person can do. Therefore I went into playing Retaliation with a number of preconceived ideologies. I cannot say that I was proven completely wrong though I admit to finding a bit more enjoyment here than in other video game board games.

I have yet to play the multiplayer game. I haven’t found anyone who I can play with. The game was released onto Steam on January 22nd, it was previously on Desura, yet does not have a single Steam review. There hasn’t been a post to the game’s discussion forum since February 1. I hope that doesn’t mean that the game is already dead in the water but I fear that that may be the case.

The developers have made a reasonable tutorial system but something is lost in translation between the tutorials and my play. This I can put down to my own ability to play the game while seasoned veterans of the franchise will find themselves in a strong position with or without the tutorials. It is likely to be one of those games that requires a time commitment to learn to play properly. Therefore if you’re looking to jump right in and are not familiar with this game then it may not be for you. The game does, however, appear to hold tremendous depth so if you do have the time commitment it may become one that is relatively easy to learn yet difficult to master.

If you do purchase the game or win a copy through Steamified and would like to play online and learn how to play together then please do reach out.

Written by: XTeam Software Team

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