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XTeam Software Solutions, started in September 2000, is a company specializing in design and development of entertainment, with the slogan: “Games are for everyone”. For this reason we have developed videogames, educational software, multimedia and serious games. Among our priorities technological innovation and attention to the social dimension: to design ethic games.

In the last few years, XTeam Software Solutions has developed numerous entertainment, inter alia : Retaliation ( tactical board game ), Bubbles Hunter 2 ( for tv channel Super! DeAgostini ), Koso And Piggy – my pig is starving ( Samsung Store ), Beng Rovigo Volley ( official A2 italian volley team, distribute on GooglePlay, Amazon, App Crome, iTunes ), Jelly Candy ( Match3 for tv channel Super! DeAgostini ), Master Food ( Match3 for CardGame Club distribute on iTunes and GooglePlay ), Retaliation Enemy Mine ( a turn based strategy war game, with partnership of Forgotten Empires, distribute on Desura, Steam, GooglePlay, ITunes, OUYA store ), Fruit Duels ( a tetris battle game, distribute on Sony Store for PSVita, GooglePlay, OUYA Store, iTunes ), Icon Hunter ( for tv channel Super! DeAgostini ), Disable Driver ( driving simulator for disabled ), Chess Academy ( chess game for Xbox ), Mastery Became a Hero ( cards game with RPG elements ) and some visual software like : GeniuX Photo EFX ( a photoshop like software ) and 3DGeniuX ( a rebuilder software, winner of a mention at Telecom Working Capital for urban change innovation ).

Among the projects in development, XTeam Software Solutions is a partner of the European Consortium of Universities and SME who had access to funding from the European Commission Horizon 2020. The project, 3D-Tune-In: facilitating Hearing Aid usage by means of Gamification, has as objective to facilitate the successful exploitation of existing, overlooked or neglected functionalities of hearing devices to optimise their potential thus greatly improving people’s quality of life, and their interactions with other people and their surrounding environment.

At XTeam Software Solutions we are doing our best to ensure our products are design and develop following high quality standards and fair social criterias. For this reason we are committed to keep the whole development process in Italy.

We are proud to work with our European and Worldwide partners, like: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony, Samsung, Forgotten Empires, Adobe, Nintendo, OUYA and to use their latest technologies like Hololens, PSVita, Xbox, iWatch.

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XTeam Software Solutions SRLS

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Veneto, Italy

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45100 Rovigo
Veneto, Italy

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XTeam Members

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