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SIAF Congress Siena

SIAF Congress Siena
From the 27th to the 30th of September, Siena hosted the SIAF, the Italian most important conference on audiology and phonetics, a perfect showcase to present the 3D Tune In project and its applications. SIAF is a congress aimed at physicians and, specifically, audiology experts. During this year the congress (XXXVI Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Audiologia e Foniatria – SIAF), had approximately one thousand registered participants; the vast majority of them were specialists in otolaryngology and audiology, as well as phoneticians, speech therapists and hearing aid technicians. GN booked a large stand for presenting the 3D Tune-In project. Visitors found resources and materials, and had the opportunity to test our apps and games. GN, Xteam and Vianet had the chance to explain the added value of the five ...

3D Tune-In: 3D Games for Tuning and Learning About Hearing aids

3D Tune-In: 3D Games for Tuning and Learning About Hearing aids
By Richard Eastgate, PhD; Lorenzo Picinali; Harshada Patel, PhD; & Mirabelle D’Cruz Hearing aid technology has dramatically advanced in the last 25 years since the commercialization of the first digital hearing aid. The majority of individuals with digital hearing aids, however, use these devices as if they are a standard analogue hearing aid, (i.e. only for their amplification and equalisation features). New algorithms are under-used or not exploited to their full potential. This could be because of inefficient training. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 3DTI will adopt a participatory-design process involving relevant stakeholders (human factors experts, technology developers, hearing communities, end-users) to create a toolkit incorporating binaural audio and 3D visual rendering (Figure 2), and a series of game applications that can work on different target platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, Xbox, Play Station, etc.) to enable end users to explore, review, and customize hearing aid devices in different simulated everyday contexts.

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