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Since 2000, we have helped companies improve user experiences, efficiency, and flow. We offer solutions from our own product range and design consultancy services.

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XTeam has been working for years in the state of the art technologies in the areas of 2D/3D computer vision, machine learning, Big Data analysis with integration with sensors for industrial IoT 4.0

XTeam combines deep technological expertise and visual craftsmanship to produce solid and cutting-edge videogames across a variety of platforms (desktop, mobile, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4), game engines (Unity3D and Unreal) and technologies (VR, AR, Holographic projections and AI)

New technologies require new solutions the most value out of new technologies, you need to understand what you need, what you want, what you aspect and how technology can be an answer.
Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality opens up boundless possibilities in the fields of medicine, education and architecture.

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