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XTeam Software Solutions

Professional Software and Videogames.


Production, design and development professional videogames and board games.

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  Dedicated to finding solutions to big challenges, focused on H2020 research projects.

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Virtual reality , Augmented reality and mixed reality . In-house apps/games development service.

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Innovative solutions for hearing care professionals and hearing impaired patients

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XTeam Software Solutions is a company specialized in design and development of entertainment, with the claim: “Games are for everyone”. That’s why we have developed videogames, educational software, multimedia and serious games. Our objective is to create ethic games with a great attention to social inclusion and with wide use of innovative technologies.

A few things we’re great at

we are doing our best to ensure our products are design and develop following high quality standards and fair social criterias.


Over 100 commercial products for desktop, console, mobile and web. Gamification techniques to engage the people in to the projects.


C++, Java, C# high performance engines for mobile and desktop . Innovative algorithms for advanced objects manipulation.


20 years of design successful projects with partner like Microsoft, Sony, IBM, Nintendo, Imperial College, Unesco IHE  and many others


Particularly active in gamification projects, with a consolidated experience in research and innovation actions in various fields.


AudGam Pro

AudGam Pro is aimed at audiologists and hearing aid users from all age groups. Its main goals is to assist audiologists in providing a flexible environment to simulate multiple everyday situations for their patients from the comfort of their clinic, and to help hearing impaired people learn about the functions of their hearing aids (HA).

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The possibility to extract more realistic data from patients through immersing them in everyday life environments


Patients being able to try the different models and features of various HAs, thus choosing hearing aids that are more appropriate to their needs


The audiologist fitting the HAs more precisely for each context, calibrating the HAs features directly in the virtual environment and better understanding the patient’s needs


Patients feeling more relaxed in comparison with a traditional audiology session

The Ballad Singer

A hooded man walks in the rain holding a stick as high as he is. He has just left the magic tower of Balanor and he is unwilling to get back there shortly. He has things to do, his new life is about to begin. He can hear his heart beating loud as he treads the path, under a dark and cloudy sky, as livid as the anguish filling his soul. A good soul, who has decided not to limit his actions to reach his goals.


XTeam, in collaboration with Curtel Games, deals with the realization of the code necessary for The Ballad Singer.

Products & Projects

The Ballad Singer

A hooded man walks in the rain holding a stick as high as he is.

AudGam Pro

AudGam Pro is aimed at audiologists and hearing aid users from all age groups.


Dartanan  is a “dwarf” version of D’Artagnan (from Alexander Duma’s Three Musketeers)


L’app per la valorizzazione del territorio Polesano. Oltre 300 ricette

Ancient Aliens

In the depths of space, millions of light years away from the Universal core, a habitable planet has been discovered.

Bardagi The Claim for Gold

Dissolution has occurred in the Vikings homeland; the country´s resources are depleted and there is turbulence in the society.

Retaliation Path of Rome

Retaliation Path of Rome is a very complex game, with several unique features

Fruits Duels

300 levels for 300 exciting challenges, select  a pet and challenge the keeper of the level, collect the fruit before your opponent for win.

Mastery Became a Hero

L’ ESSENZA, una potente energia che permea lo Spazio-Tempo collegando le infinite “Dimensioni” delle cui è composto

Chess Academy

a training tool for chess players of all levels. It includes tutorials and other in-game training aids to help you get the most out of your games and learn from your mistakes.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

The classic real time strategy game that transports players to a time  when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened  in the affairs of mortals.

Old products

Old products for Amiga, Windows, GameBoy Advance .. our history

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Our Happy Clients & Partners

Imperial College
Unesco -IHE
Malaga University
Nottingham University
DeMontfort University
Università di Padova
Forgotten Empires
Slovakia Museum
Meta Vision
C.C. Delta lagunare
GNResound  Italia


With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.


Assistenza domiciliare per i pazienti con malattie croniche – Campus Hack

 Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino

Selezione delle 10 Startup più innovative in ambito editoriale

BarCamper Sweden

Startup innovation Sweden

Microsoft – Education

Dartanan – Hearing Aid fitting for children


Interactive Technologies and Games Conference

Generali Innovation Challenge

Insurance Tycoon project for insurance agencies


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VR Developer

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