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AudGam Pro


AudGam Pro is aimed at audiologists and hearing aid users from all age groups. Its main goals is to assist audiologists in providing a flexible environment to simulate multiple everyday situations for their patients from the comfort of their clinic, and to help hearing impaired people learn about the functions of their hearing aids (HA).


The application helps the audiologists to assess hearing loss, fit the Hearing Aids and demonstrate the potential of hearing aids. Audiometric tests are presented in an innovative way in order to define a more personalised profile, simulating different environments reproduced through the headphones and over loudspeakers to inform audiologists and patients as to the best choice of HA and it’s fitting.

A few things we’re great at


The possibility to extract more realistic data from patients through immersing them in everyday life environments.


Patients being able to try the different models and features of various HAs, thus choosing hearing aids that are more appropriate to their needs


The audiologist fitting the HAs more precisely for each context, calibrating the HAs features directly in the virtual environment and better understanding the patient’s needs


The possibility for audiologists to better improve storage of e data and compare progress