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The Ballad Singer


The Ballad Singer

A hooded man walks in the rain holding a stick as high as he is. He has just left the magic tower of Balanor and he is unwilling to get back there shortly. He has things to do, his new life is about to begin. He can hear his heart beating loud as he treads the path, under a dark and cloudy sky, as livid as the anguish filling his soul. A good soul, who has decided not to limit his actions to reach his goals.



4 individuals, 4 dynamic stories that intertwine with each other and affect one another.


Leon had a tough childhood. His parents were killed when he was young. When he was six, he came close to death but he was saved by the providential intervention of Daragast, a warrior bard, and Asperia, a witch, who saved him. After his parents’ death, he looked for his interior peacefulness, unsuccessfully.


Ancalimo is a methodical and calculating elf, he is a soldier and he does the dirty job. Whenever he is assigned a goal, he does not set any limits. He is an old acquaintance of Leon’s. He prefers hand-to-hand combat with knives and handguns. 


Daragast, a middle-aged warrior bard, has been one of the most famous swordsmen in the continent. He is nicknamed “The Snake”, and it seems he is the greatest swordsman. He is a famous musician but over the years, he has lived in the shadows and people think he has died. He has been one of Leon’s maestros, one who has protected and saved him


Ancoran comes from the Balanor magic tower. Born from an experiment, no one knows her past. She tries to integrate into a society that does not accept her, and she feels very uncomfortable about that. Expert in following in the footsteps and good-hearted, she was born from a magical experiment and she sees the bright side of things.